What does it mean to change Facebook’s algorithm for music marketing?


Some of you may have noticed that Mark Zuckerberg has changed the Facebook algorithm so that posts from friends and family appear on timelines rather than on a business page, music page or media page.

Now, if you’re in a band, you might be upset because especially for the last four or five years, we’ve been basically told that if you want to put your music on the market, especially social With Media or Facebook, you will need to post organic, do it daily and you will engage in your fan base. This is getting harder now.

But that’s it. That was three years ago.

Facebook did exactly that.

He changed the algorithm and many people got angry because they felt that they were not reaching more and more fans and they accused Facebook of being a greedy company. And while that may be true, there is an even more logical explanation.

A lot of content is being created on Facebook. Sharing everyone’s videos, photos, posts, everything.

Every time you log in to Facebook, there is something like 2,000 different stories that can appear on your timeline at any other second.

So Facebook, in order to make your experience better in their eyes, they filter all these things to try to make your experience more enjoyable.

Above all, Facebook aims to keep people using Facebook. They don’t want people to get sick of using it and go elsewhere. So that’s why they make these changes.

Now, what can you do?

In fact, we’ve entered an era where you need to treat your band like any other small business and you have to pay the advertising price.

I’m not talking about paying for Facebook promotion letters because if you don’t set it up properly, you’re just wasting your money.

I’m talking to a business manager about setting up a real Facebook ad campaign and learning how to market because honestly, you’re running a small business and marketing is an important part of it.

If you’re looking to grow your fan base, sell your music and your business, you really need to learn how to use Facebook marketing.

Now is the time because your organic posts may not be as effective.

They were not effective three years ago. They will be less effective now. So, you know, these are the things you can do, start learning to do it now.

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