Conrad Norrison: An early New York pianist from Norway


Conrad Norrison founded his piano business in New York in 1847, and ran his company as the sole proprietor until he became a natural citizen in 1860.

In 1861 he became a partner with Ahlsing and Lindsted and reorganized the company as Ahsing, Narosen and Lindstad.

Lars G. Ahlsing was from Norway, who was a piano dealer before entering into a brief partnership with Norwegians.

Only two years later, in 1863, Lindstead resigned. The firm was reorganized as Ahlussing & Norway, and survived only one year, ending by the end of 1864.

Now working alone, Naroson was later added by his son in 1869, and they worked together until 1877.

Norway, once again working alone, formed new partners in 1880 with Norse, Bergman and Hoggard.

In 1881, Richard M. Walters bought Nurse’s piano business. Walters was an investor in retail and auctions. Naruson, Bergman and Hoggard all serve as superintendents for Walters in their respective departments.

1885 – RM Walters moves the company to a better location in the heart of New York. His company was known for allowing consumers to buy musical instruments in installments.

In 1889, RM Walters, a well-known figure, was frequently published in musical magazines. His photos show a handsome and confident business man with prominent mustaches that match his sideburns. He often wore a well-made suit with flowers in his ankles.

He surrounded himself with other famous people. His business manager was William Barton Stone, the famous Indian police composer of “The Lambs Polka”, “The Souvenir Song”, “The Drawer Waltz”, and “Parnell Funeral March”. Walters and Stone participated in a number of charities, with Stone once serving as a parade sheriff, and was also known as a great horse rider.

Walters died of typhoid fever in 1902. He died at his brother’s house and kept his illness a secret until his death. His death came as a great shock to his friends.

I did not find any mention of this company after 1902, and it was probably dissolved at that time.

I received an initial advertisement for a nurse and it is copied below:

Piano! Piano!

Conard Nervousen

Developer of

first class

Piano Fort

71,73 and 75 Central 22nd,

(Son – Fourth and Lexington Avenue) New York.

The signature invites public attention

And in general, the trade of these famous tools of its own manufacture, which is the latest improvement.

Full iron frame, over string bass,

French grand action, large scale.

These piano castles are not crossed

Strength, durability, purity, strength and quality of singing for the strength and beauty of the head.

Any maker in these countries.

They are warrants for a full period of 7 years.

The musical public has been treated with respect, liberal terms for dealers, teachers and scholars.

Circular price list sent on request.

Conard Nervousen

71, 73, and 75 EAST 22nd St., New York

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